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At Sekiyo, as laid out in the following Privacy Policy, we will work to responsibly handle personal information in a way that maintains the trust and that meets the expectations of the customers who use our hotel and any other related individuals.

Regarding the collection of personal information
In the obtainment of personal information, we will make the following purpose of use explicit, we will obtain it responsibly and will not use deceit or other illicit means to obtain personal information.

Regarding the protection and management of personal information
We will take the necessary measures to ensure that we can safely manage the personal information that we are handling and prevent any leaks, loss or damage.
Additionally, to ensure the smooth implementation of the services we offer, handling of personal information may be consigned to an external company. However, in these cases, we will ensure thorough protection and management to prevent any leaks or loss.

Purpose of use for personal information
To allow for the offering of sufficient services and hospitality when customers use our hotel, we will use personal information obtained from customers to offer useful information related to products and services offered by our company.
Additionally, if public institutions or corresponding institutions request the disclosure of a customer’s personal data, it may be disclosed without the customer’s consent.

Regarding the correction and deletion of personal information
If you wish to correct or delete the personal information we are holding, correction and deletion will be completed without delay in line with our procedures, so long as the request is made by the person to which the personal information corresponds. Please be aware that in these cases, you may be asked to provide identification proving that you are the person to which the personal information corresponds.

Regarding cookies
A portion of this site uses cookies. Cookies identify the browser that you are using, and are a standard technology used on many websites.
While we may use cookies to improve the services that we offer to customers, there is no risk to customer privacy.
While you can disable cookies depending on the browser you are using by changing the settings, you may not be able to use a portion or all of the services offered on this site as a result.

Personal information manager name and contact information
Sekiyo ltd., Representative Director: Hidehiko Komatsu
749 Miyakami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 259-0314
Tel.: 0465-62-3808